26 Jun 2015

Year 6 Week 24 2015

Last week children finished on a high, after a great woodland walk. Despite an 80% chance of rain being forecast, we enjoyed sunshine up on the ridge. Along the way, children aged tree stumps, learnt to blow grass, did some natural graffiti and built dens. We all enjoyed a sunny picnic before returning to school.

This week the children have completed a review of their final Year at Bielefeld School, reflecting on the things that they have achieved and enjoyed.

All of the children are now official ‘Junior Life Savers’ after a great first aid session in the gym. The children learnt how to put people into the recovery position and carry out CPR.

It was fantastic to see so many of you at Sports Day on Wednesday encouraging the children. The children were enthusiastic and supportive all afternoon and we were very proud of the sportsmanship they displayed. During the KS1 Sports Day, the children were fundamental to the success of the activities with many parents and staff noting how well they represented themselves.

Mrs Hood’s English class have finished innovating the model text this week and have begun planning a new explanation text - ‘Why are pandas an endangered species’ - using the research from last week’s homework. We look forward to sharing these texts with Miss. Kinsey’s class next week.

Miss Kinsey’s class have finished their book reviews and are looking at characterisation and dilemmas in Pigheart Boy. Children received their certificates for their summer postcard reading challenge- well done!

Mrs Hood’s Maths class have been learning about Roman numerals, understanding how to both read and write numbers from 1-9000. We have also wowed Mrs Hood with our statistical knowledge!

In Maths with Miss Kinsey we have been investigating number sequences as well as the patterns found in Sierpinski triangles.

Please note that the children attending King’s School next year have their induction day Wednesday 1st July. We look forward to hearing all about it on Thursday.

Thank you for your continued support.
Mrs. Hood, Miss. Kinsey and Mrs. Goddard