19 Jun 2015

Year FS1 Week 23 2015

This week we have been reading “The Hungry Caterpillar” and learning about the life cycle of the butterfly. The children have really enjoyed sequencing all the foods the caterpillar ate and have been fantastic at memorising each item.

Out in the garden the children have been busy making a fairy castle and in the Green Room the role play area has been transformed into a “dressing up clothes shop”.

Please make sure you know which colour team your child will be competing in on Wednesday 24th June for Sports Day. If possible please dress your child in a coloured tee shirt for that team. Please join us on the sports field at 10.00 a.m. Please note that before the final running race, FS1 children will return to the FS1 setting at around 11.00 a.m. You will be able to collect FS1 children, from the setting, to go home at the usual time.

Upper FS1 children will begin meeting with Mrs Corbett and Mrs Kerray this week and visiting the FS2 setting. On Wednesday 1st July the whole school will be involved in the “Class Swap” with children visiting their new classes for next year. Parents are welcome to join the Upper FS1 children in FS2 between 11 a.m. and midday.

All FS1 parents are also invited to “Stay and Play” in FS1 on Friday 10th July between 10.30 a.m. and midday.

As you know, next week we begin our last topic of the year, based on “under the sea”. If you have any story books you can share with us, please bring them in. No doubt we will be finding out about sharks and whales and all the mysteries of the deep seas. It will be interesting to see where our investigations take us. Our end of year dressing up party will take place on Wednesday 15th July, so start planning your “under the sea” costume now!

Snack next week: digestive biscuits and Philli, pittas and dips, shortbread and toast and jam.
We have enjoyed the summer berries in snack time this week and we hope to try a variety of melons next week, since this week’s watermelon was such a hit!

Remember that the school will be closed for an INSET day next Friday 26th June.
Dates for your calendar
Please note that the end of term for FS1 will be at midday on Friday 17th July. The main school will close at 13.15. There will be NO E.D.C. that day. For more information, please see the school website www.bielefeldschool.com

Thank you for your support,
The FS1 Team