10 Jul 2015

Year 1 Week 26 2015

This week has been ‘Arts’ week in school. In Year 1 our theme has been on the seaside to fit in with our topic ‘Water, Water everywhere’. The children have been busy this week making lots of things that you would find at the seaside. If you didn't get a chance to see it at the Art exhibition this is what we have been getting up to …
Dancing to Bobbing along (Bedknobs and Broomsticks)
On Monday our theme for the day was ‘Under the sea’. The children had great fun making mermaids, scuba divers, jellyfish, crabs and dancing along to ‘bobbing along (bedknobs and broomsticks) and under the sea (little mermaid).
The beginning of our Shark collage
On Tuesday the theme for the day was ‘On the beach’. The children had a go at making ice cream cones (sadly not edible), flip flops and seagulls. At forest schools we had a go at drawing seaside pictures by using charcoal sticks from the fire pit! We also went and joined Mr Reeves to practise singing our fabulous song (I wonder if you've heard a sneak preview of it).
Wednesday continued to see us being busy as we made boats in bottles and a variety of fish!
On Thursday we made digital postcards in ICT and made some pebble fish.
Finally on Friday we decorated some cakes and turned them into fish. We made one for ourselves and one for our FS2 Buddy. They definitely enjoyed eating them at our Teddy Bears Picnic!

 Key Dates for next week:
Tuesday 14th July – Musical Extravaganza Parents are invited in from 13:30.
Wednesday 15th July- Bielefeld’s got talent – 14:00-15:00. Children have been informed on whether they made it to the final or not.

 Thank you for your support,

The Year One Team