3 Jul 2015

Year 3 Week 25 2015

This week in English we have finished our innovated versions of the myth of Theseus and the Minotaur. The children had some very creative ideas indeed!

Mr. Kerray’s mathematics group this week have been using rulers to measure in centimetres.
Mr. Askew’s group have looked at mass and measuring weight – including estimating in grams and kilograms.

In RE the children completed their Ganesha figures with their replacement head!
In Computing we finished our Greek menu poster and printed them.
The children added shields and weapons to their Greek solider sculptures in art.
In music we listened to a number of pieces played on the ukulele.
The children enjoyed Wednesday morning with their new classes and teacher in readiness for September!

Homework: a piece of Mathematics and English this week.

Please remember a daily reading session of about 10 minutes will really help your child’s progress. Also a few questions about what they have read will help aid comprehension.

Please bring in P.E kits on Monday - these will be sent home on Fridays.
Many Thanks for your continued support!
Mr Askew, Mr Kerray, Mrs Jefferys and Mrs Baker.