17 Jul 2015

Year 3 Week 27 2015

Another busy week with the high point being the musical extravaganza put on by the children on Tuesday!
We would like to thank you all for your support throughout your child’s first year in Key Stage 2. They have worked hard and are now ready to take their next step into Year 4. Their teachers are ready and excited  with lots of interesting activities and learning challenges lined up for the next academic year!

We would also like to thank Mr Fidler, Mrs Carroll, and Mr Reeves for their wonderful input in Art, Science and Music! Thank – you!

We are also saying goodbye to Mrs Baker who is returning to the UK. She has been a valued member of our team and will be greatly missed! We would like to thank her for her hard work and dedication and wish her well for the future.

If you are leaving Bielefeld this summer we wish you well and hope your children enjoy their new schools!

We hope you have a good summer break and look forward to seeing you in September!

Kind regards – the Year 3 team.