3 Jul 2015

Year FS2 Week 25 2015

What a fun filled week we have had! The children all enjoyed their class swap day in their new Year One classes and really looking forward to being in their new class in September! We have been busy with our Plan Do and Review jobs and they have especially enjoyed the water activities – this has really helped them cope with the very hot weather we have been experiencing!

As the school year is approaching its end, things are getting very busy! Please find below details of the upcoming events:

Tuesday 7th July:  Stay and Play 10.30-11.30am *Please note this is NOT pirate themed as mentioned last week (apologies!) but will be based on Big Arts Week.
Friday 10th July :  Teddy Bears Picnic with Year One (please can your child bring in a teddy!)
Tuesday 14th July: Graduation Assembly 10am-11am – parents welcome to attend. In the afternoon children and staff will be visiting an icecream parlour as a special treat!
Wednesday 15th July:  Joint FS1 and FS2 Pirate party (please can your child dress up as a pirate!)
Next week will be Big Arts Week and the children will be involved in lots of art activities – we look forward to seeing you at the school art exhibition on Friday to view their masterpieces!

Have a lovely weekend!  
Best wishes from the F
S2 team