10 Jul 2015

Year FS2 week 26 2015

Another busy week in the world of FS2 !
As you know we have had a particularly artistic week.
We have continued and developed our animal theme after visiting the zoo and have focused on African Animals. We have drawn inspiration from artist Natalia Schafer and the children have enjoyed drawing and painting with this focus. We have also produced African Masks and discussed how they have been and still are used today.
We have also been discussing and thinking about ‘moving on’ and the children have completed their Memory Boxes ready to take to Year One help begin their new school year on a positive and familiar note. They have produced some lovely reminders for themselves and have worked hard to achieve this.

Tuesday 14th July:  Graduation Assembly 10am-11am – parents welcome to attend. In the afternoon children and staff will be visiting an ice-cream parlour as a special treat!
Wednesday 15th July:   Joint FS1 and FS2 Pirate party (please can your child dress up as a pirate!)

Have a lovely weekend!  
Best wishes from the FS2 team