18 Sep 2015

Year 4 - Week 2. 18th September

It’s been a worrying week in Year 4 after reading in the ‘newspaper’ about an ogre being spotted in the woodlands around Bielefeld!  But do not despair!  The children have been learning ‘How to Trap an Ogre’ during our Literacy work this week.  We have used techniques from ‘Talk for Writing’ to recite a set of instructions using a text map and actions to help us remember them.  The children have also begun to use the features of instructions to begin to write their own.

In Maths this week, Miss Hart’s group have been ordering and comparing 3-digit number using the inequality signs (< or >). The children have also been solving addition and subtraction calculations of 2-digit numbers mentally.  Mrs Pond-Barrett’s group have been finding pairs of numbers that total 10 and have been adding or subtracting to the next or previous multiple of 100 with 3-digit numbers.  The children have also been subtracting 3-digit numbers by counting up to find a difference and we have worked on adding several numbers together.

During Science, the children have continued with their work on habitats and have looked at different habitats and which animals might live in them.  Our Forest Schools session further enhanced this work.  The children have been identifying different habitats in the local environment and have worked together in groups to create a habitat.  We are looking forward to next week’s session to see if any creatures have moved in!

With Mr Fidler in DT, the children have begun to explore lever mechanisms and designed and made a Roman soldier with a moving arm ready to go into battle!

Homework for this week:
Maths - Both groups have had a game allocated from www.activelearnprimary.co.uk The children all have their log-ins and passwords for this website and the school code is x677. 
Mrs Pond-Barrett’s group have ‘Cave Commotion’ to play.  The children need to find pairs of numbers that total 100.  Miss Hart’s group have ‘Sea-Shack Smash’ to play!  The children need to add and subtract 2-digit numbers.
Spellings - A new set of spelling words to learn will be sent home on Tuesday.
Reading - Please ensure that your child reads every day for at least 10 minutes and records their reading in their journals.  Many journals are coming to school empty journals so it is hard for us to monitor their reading.

A gentle reminder: - Can you please ensure that your child has appropriate waterproof footwear, trousers and coat for our Forest schools session.  Trainers are not suitable for the activities that the children are working on.
Please can you also make sure that your child brings a coat with them to school every day, as the weather is very changeable at the moment.

Thank you for your support.
Have a fabulous weekend.

Mrs Pond-Barrett     Miss Hart      Mrs Goddard      Mrs Whitaker