18 Sep 2015

Year 6 news- Week 2 18th September 2015

6K Class News   
This week has flown by, now that children are back into the rhythm and routines of learning. However, on Thursday afternoon there were some very sleepy children after swimming!

In English, we are continuing with our biography work. The children began their own text map in school will be bringing them home to share with you and practise before Wednesday. We have looked at key features of biographies and experimented with some of the devices that writers use. All of the children have worked extremely hard with their spellings, both at school and at home, this week. Thank you for your continued support.

In Maths, we have been rounding whole numbers, as well as those with decimal values and converting units of measures between grams and kilograms, millilitres and litres etc. This is something that children can explore further on packaging at home. We took maths to the yurt this week, puzzling over rounding decimals.

At the pool, the children enjoyed their first session which was an assessment of their water skills before they are organised into new swimming groups.

In PSHE we will be exploring the Global Goals- children can find out more at 

Wishing you all a restful weekend!
Miss Kinsey & Miss Macklin

Year 6 H

In English this week, the children have wowed me with their knowledge of the model text using their text maps as a prompt. We have put actions to the text, boxed the text up and have begun innovating the text using the model text for support. It has been a busy week!

The children have continued to develop their love of reading and our class word count has soared to
505, 069 words. A special well done goes out to Marcus, Lucy and Evie  as they have read the most words so far and scored 90-100% on their quizzes – keep up the good work!

In Maths this week we have been: converting decimals (up to 3-decimal places) to fractions and vice versa; using mental strategies to solve additions; and using the formal written method to solve additions.

In swimming this week the children showed off their skills, allowing the staff to group the children accordingly. Lots of children in the year group were able to demonstrate the ability to use a range of strokes confidently and could swim the 25m length of the pool. Mr Moore stated, “This year group are better than most other year 6 groups.” 

Thank you for your continued support.

Have a lovely weekend,

Mrs. Hood & Mrs. Grant