16 Oct 2015

Head Teacher's message 16th October 2015.

Weekly news
Dear parents and children,

Thank you to everyone for your support of your school this week. The maths workshop, parents’ lunch and coffee morning were well attended.

We are asking everyone to bring in a small item of food which will go in our boxes ready to be collected by the Bielefeld Tafel organisation. Father Brutus will join us for a special assembly next week.

Also on Friday 23rd October School Council would like everyone to come in clothes of your choice- you could even dress up in a costume! Please bring a euro donation.
At playtime School Council will also be selling small cakes for 50 cents. If anyone is happy to help by sending in come cakes we would be really happy to receive them. All of the money raised will be donated to the flood appeal.
 Thank you.

Mrs Carroll’s messages.
Calling all Brownies - if you bring your Brownie Badge book to school on the day Mrs Carroll teaches you she may be able to sign you off on some of the activities to help you get your badges.

Forest School Coats, please ensure your child has a waterproof coat, trousers and footwear for forest schools.

Remember lots of layers are better.

Competition- the 5 R’s….

The power of the 5 R’s to make me a life-long learner…
Risk taking 
The School Council have decided to hold a poster competition for children in FS 2 to Year 6.
There will be a wide range of prizes (current suggestions are pencils, books, sweets, chocolates, toys, stuffed animals and a choice of a special job.)

We will tell you more after half term.

Have a good weekend.
Mrs Mason