22 Jan 2016

Head Teacher's Message - 22 Jan 16

Dear parents and children,

This week, our newsletter - which is emailed to parents and carers most weeks during term time - has been compiled by our new, Newsletter Team. Each week, the team will be reporting on the events in school. 

If you are not receiving your newsletter, please contact the School Office staff, to check your email address.

Accelerated Reader

What the children think about Accelerated Reader- as reported by A and M.

"It’s great fun to see how many points you have." "It makes me read more." "It encourages children to read. It has a positive impact upon our children." "I like it." "It’s good because you can see how many words and books you have read." "It’s great because you get to know different words." "It’s great fun." "It’s OK." "It’s good."

Year 3 At Dr Oetker Welt

Dr Oetker Welt

Year 3 visited Dr Oetker Welt- as reported by P and J.

"I liked the food, as it was amazing." "I liked the trip because the children pressed buttons on the headphones." "I thought the trip was amazing because all the food was scrumptious!" "I liked the pictures." "I loved the cake, brownie, waffles and eating pizza."

Snow Fun
Year 6 At Externsteine

Playing in the snow- as reported by L and E.

We asked the children what they thought of the snow. “It’s so much fun!” “Amazing!” “Brilliant.” “I love it!” "Awesome.”  P loves building snow forts. R loves making snow angels. L said that she enjoyed making snowballs


Our Jokes- as collated by E. 

Q. Why did the dog sit near the fire? A. Because he wanted to be a hot dog. (L)
Q. What did the oceans say to one another? A. Nothing, they just waved. (S) 
Q. Knock. Knock. Who’s there? A. Snowball. Q. Snowball who? A. Watch out coming through! (R)

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We have also added links to the SCE Children’s University competition this week. 

Have a good weekend,

Mrs Mason