5 Feb 2016

Head Teacher's Message - 05 Feb 16

It has been a super week in school!

Despite the rainy weather, the children have been as active as ever. Our Forest School’s site was pruned recently and this has given us lots of timber. The pruning has also given us lots of great opportunities for creating dens and even a trim trail.

Today's Maths Problem Balloon Launch 
The NSPCC Numbers Day was a great success today. We thank everyone for attending the balloon launch. I will let you know if we have our maths problems answered for us. Thank you too for your generosity in supporting events such as the coin count and in contributing cakes to our cake stall.

The Coin Count Competition 
Our younger children enjoyed their number hunt and our KS 2 children demonstrated fantastic team spirit during their maths quiz. 

The points have been added to each team’s charts and the points now stand at:

Red Team 1213.
Blue Team 929.
Yellow Team 960.
Green Team 1462.

Our children's news reports, and all of our diary dates, are on the weekly school newsletter, which is emailed securely to you most Fridays during term time.

I hope to see you in school again next Monday afternoon, suitably attired perhaps, for our Rosenmontag Carnival Parade. 

Don't forget the Friends' of Bielefeld School's Karneval Disco tonight!

Have a good weekend,

Mrs. Mason.