18 Mar 2016

Head Teacher's Message - 18 Mar 16

Thank you for your support of Sports Relief. 

Year 5 managed to swim their collective mile and did a great job organising sporting activities for the school. We also enjoyed the dance performed by FS 1 children during assembly on Friday.

Ofsted has contacted me to say that the report will be published within 5 working days. I will add the report to our website when it appears on the Ofsted Site. Here is the link for the main Ofsted site.

Year 6 Test Presentation for parents. If you missed the recent parents meetings about the Year 6 tests or would like to refresh your memory about the information given then please follow this link.

Have a good weekend,

Mrs Mason 

PS Readathon money. Please send in all remaining sponsorship money as soon as possible so we can then send it to the charity.
PPS We have our comments box in the front entrance.
PPPS Wanted- Teaching Assistant to support ICT in school. If you are interested in this role then please pop in to get more details.