14 Oct 2016

Head Teacher's Message 14th Oct 2016

Dear parents and children,
This year the local garrison schools have organised a full sporting calendar which will involve us hosting events here and travelling to our partner schools in Sennelager, Paderborn and G├╝tersloh. In preparation for this Mr Mason is running football club for KS 2 and children in years 4, 5 and 6 have been enjoying rugby sessions with Mr Hale and Mr Critchley.  We are extremely grateful that we have volunteers willing to give up their time to help us- so a big THANK YOU.



School Council

At this week’s school council meeting the children have agreed the following for Children In Need.
1. Children can choose to come to school in pyjamas, smart clothes, a costume or their uniform. They should bring 1 euro as a donation.
2. There will be some food on sale- suggestions cakes, ice cream, toffee apples
3. They would like to organise some games and charge children for taking part
4. They would also like any staff (or SGC) volunteers who are happy to be involved in wet sponge throwing – I said I would ask!
They have also voted for a “special table” at lunchtimes. This was suggested by Y1 and 2 members- more to follow
I am also thinking about the request made by Y2 re adding curtains and windows to the house outside!!

Team Points

The answer to last week’s question was 5.
Well done the green team.
This week’s question:
Can you tell me the name of one of the characters in the play Midsummer Night’s Dream?

Key Stage 1 Harvest Festival

Please keep sending in your donations- thank you.

Have a good weekend!
Mrs Mason