2 Dec 2016

Head Teacher's Message 2nd December 2016

Weekly Round up

Dear parents and children,

Year 3 children enjoyed performing in their Diwali assembly this week. We also enjoyed some food prepared by Mr Gurung. Everyone would like to send you a big THANK YOU - it was delicious!

Christmas has arrived in school. FS 2 have decorated the presents on our advent calendar and Year 6 pupils have taken the photographs which are revealed each day. I have enjoyed listening to the various Christmas practices which have been taking place. I look forward to seeing you this afternoon at our Christmas fair.

A quick peek behind our advent calendar presents



Yellow team won last week’s question.
How many children did Shakespeare have? 3
Well done!
This week’s question
What was the surname of Shakespeare’s wife?


Talk with your child about the following statement. Ask them to decide and justify using their maths language.
Sometimes, Always or Never?
The bigger the parcel, the heavier it is.
Christmas Maths Advent Calendar

German Phrase of the week
Ich brauche Hilfe!
I need help!

Have a good weekend!
Mrs Mason