20 Jan 2017

Head Teacher's Post 20th January 2017

Weekly Round up

Dear parents and children,

At the end of last week I worked with a group of 10 volunteers from Years 4 and 5 on our new Helping Hands scheme. This is something which was created after our older children told us that they would like to help other children at playtimes. During the training we discussed the children’s role and how they would respond to different situations. This provoked a lot of useful discussion and I must say that I was impressed with how sensible the children were.
This week I have been carrying out a reading survey. This aims to find out what our children like about reading and whether they have any ideas on how we can promote the importance of reading regularly. I will share the results with you next week.

Accelerated Reader

Well done to all of those children who received a badge this week.

You have kept your quiz average to 85% - fantastic.

Well done also to those children who managed to keep their badge for this term.

This means your average is still at least 85%

You all earn 50 team points each for your team.

Our Helping Hands Training 

Quiz time

The answer to this week’s question was Galileo Galilei and he lived in Italy.

Well done to the red team for getting the most correct answers!

This weeks questions…..


I saved millions of lives by discovering the antibiotic, penicillin.



School Council

What School Council talked about this week.

Numbers Day - can we have a coin trail please?

Year 6 would like some new chairs.

Can we look at Mrs Russell’s board?

Year 5 would like to support Save the Children and sponsor a child.

Year 3 asked why they were not included in football club.

Can we have a scoreboard on the football pitch and help with teams?
Can Year 4 have a wet head challenge?

Year 1 would like new chairs

German Phrase of the week

Was spielen wir?

What shall we play?

Have a good weekend!

Mrs Mason