10 Feb 2017

Head Teacher's Message 10th February 2017

Dear parents and children, 

This week we worked on E Safety in school. On Wednesday the children took part in a team point quiz- lots of points earned by all!

E Safety Week

Thank you to those parents who joined our E Safety workshop. I hope you found it informative.  Below are 2 useful links.



If you have any further questions or require support please contact manette.carroll@sceschools.org

Year 3 children enjoying their visit to the computing museum in Paderborn

Well done to the children who filled a Smile Point Chart this week.

Red Team- Golea, Frances, Patrick, Emma, Lily, Alfie,Cassie and Yona.

Blue Team- Faith, Amy, Finlay, Chris, Reyash, Jacob, Leona, Ryan, Conor and Reece

Yellow Team- Kenny, Torcal, Emily, Nistha and Amelia

German Phrase of the week

Spielen wir Tischtennis

Shall we play table-tennis?

Team Points - Who am I?

The answer to this week’s question was Albert Einstein who was born in Germany.

Well done to the Green team for getting the most correct answers.

Next week's question.

Who am I and where was I born?

Have a good weekend
Mrs Mason