3 Feb 2017

Head Teacher's message 3rd February 2017

Dear parents and children,

This week in assembly we have been learning about Chinese New Year. Hopefully the children will be able to tell you which animal belongs to their birthday. I have been impressed with Year 2 children’s maths work this week and especially when one of the children explained what a quotient was!

E Safety message for children

During next week you will explore what E-Safety means and why it is important.
Help others to understand by designing an E-safety poster.
Templates are available in the KS1 computer room or design you own.
Closing date Thursday 16th Feb

German Phrase of the week

Spielen wir Hockey?
Shall we play hockey?

Team Points

The answer to this week’s question was Benjamin Franklin who was born in America.

Well done to the Green team for getting the most correct answers.

FS 1 enjoyed their Chinese Takeaway!

Attendance award

Have a good weekend
Mrs Mason