17 Nov 2017

Headteacher's Message November 17th 2017

Dear parents and children, 

Thank you for your support of Children In Need today. The School Council have done a great job at making this a fun day for everyone. We will let you know how much money we generated next week.

Have a good weekend 
Mrs Mason   

School Governance Committee News

Following some SGC training with Brenda Titley (MOD schools Senior Inspector Adviser) we have decided to include a regular governors news slot into our newsletter. We hope that this will help to share the good work and support the members give to the school. If you would like to see a list of our current members then please follow this link 

We are looking for new members and particularly from parents of children in the Foundation Stage. Please contact Mrs Mason If you can help. Thank you. 

Year 6 mentors.

Year 6 became learning mentors this week when they worked with our Year 2 pupils helping them to generate ideas for their autumn poetry. Year 6 shared poems and Year 2 “magpied” powerful verbs, alliteration and similes which will help them in their own writing. Thanks Year 6!

Attendance Award