19 Jan 2018

Headteacher's Message 19th January 2018

Dear parents and children, 
This week we launched our new curriculum theme- Beyond…. 
Each class has been given a key question to investigate. I will be putting the new curriculum webs on our website so please have a look.

Cold weather plea!

Please remember that the children do go out to play in cold and snowy weather so they do need warm coats and sturdy shoes/ boots. Thank you.

Have a good weekend 
Mrs Mason   

Mrs Carroll challenged Year 6 children to make a brush move using an electric circuit and a motor!

E Safety week is fast approaching. In the run up to this we will be adding links to useful information. 

I watched a fun cartoon online this week which I think does a good job at getting the message across. 

Click here to watch with your child or for your own information.

Key Message- Online Friends Are Not The Same As Real Friends!

Nermal the Kitten finds himself in trouble while playing an online game. Can Garfield and Friends help Nermal before he gives away too much personal information? 

Attendance Award for last week