26 Jan 2018

Headteacher's Message 23rd January 2018

Dear parents and children, 
Friday 2nd February is Number Day and Bielefeld School will be having fun raising money for the UK's children charity the NSPCC. The children can come into school dressed in a maths/number themed outfit, be as creative as you like or wear your favourite football strip with a player's number if you choose. 

Throughout the day, all of the school will have the opportunity to take part in fun maths activities that have been organised by teachers and support staff. In addition to this, there will be cake sales for the whole school (voted for by Y1 school councillors.) Children can bring to school a small donation for wearing their own clothes in addition to additional money if they would like to buy a cake. We look forward to a fun filled day.

Have a good weekend 
Mrs Mason   

Meet our new School Council members.

School Council Discussion Tuesday 23rd January 2018.

  1. Y6 has asked that Mrs Mason speak to the school about the toilets near the hall. They are dirty during the day.
  2. Mrs Mason will give out prefect badges today.
  3. Mrs Mason will ask Mr Moore to collect the footballs up and order some new ones.
  4. We agreed and end of year party is a good idea. Mrs Mason will ask the teachers.
  5. Owen will ask Mr Moore to fix the scoreboard.
  6. Rose and Liam will research and feedback on the cost of a soft surface for the football pitch
  7. Aimee will ask Kobe for more information about Donkey Day.
  8. Ethan and Hafsa will speak to the kitchen about different types of fruit.
  9. Year 1 suggested a cake sale. SC agreed that we would do this on Number Day.

Next meeting- February 6th


In assembly this week we talked about learning new skills and how resilience and having a positive attitude was key. Click on the link to watch a great clip which illustrates these ideas.

E Safety

E Safety week is fast approaching. In the run up to this we will be adding links to useful information.Click the link to view some useful information sheets.