15 May 2018

Headteachers Message 11th May 2018

Message from the Headteacher

Dear Parents,


What a glorious week of weather we have had! Thank you for sending your children to school with sun hats and sun cream and please continue to do so - even when the weather is looking a little more overcast, as the sun can break through when we least expect it!


Thank you to all the FS2 parents who were able to attend parent meetings with Mrs Jones this week - we hope you found them informative.


I can now announce that whilst we didn’t win the regional Enthuse Award for STEM this week, we were runners up!


Good luck to all our Y6 pupils next week as they take their national tests (SATs). We know how hard you have worked this year and we’re already proud of you so just try your best (and remember to have a relaxing weekend!)


Wishing you all a sunny weekend (hopefully),

Kelly Reeves

The Royal Artillery Band

Tuesday morning got off to a great start with The Royal Artillery Band playing to the school and demonstrating some impressive marching  formations, before they put Y5 and Y6 through their paces. In recent music lessons with Mr Reeves, Y5 and Y6 have been learning how to play whilst marching and because of this, were treated to a marching workshop with the band. Mr Reeves was incredibly impressed with how well the children listened and how disciplined they were in learning complex formations. Well done Y5 & Y6! A huge thank you to the band for making the morning such fun!



Dates for your diary
Red dates added since last week
14th              Week of KS2 National Tests (SATs)
18th              Y6 Trip to Parkbad
21st               Week of Y5 Residential to  Cologne
22nd             Start of KS1 National Tests (SATs)
22nd-23rd   Y6 First Aid sessions
24th              Y2 Ice cream parlour and park visit
24th              King’s staff to visit school to meet Y6 and parents
25th              Y1 and Y2 parents invited to assembly for children’s award of swimming certificates

4th               Sports Day (am) & family picnic
6th               Y6 to visit King’s
12th             Y2 Trip to Tierpark
13th            Combined Band Day
18th            Week of Y6 Residential to Ypres
27th            Taster Day for pupils attending King’s School in September

4th              Y3 Residential begins
6th              Y6 Court Visit—change of date
9th              Y4 Residential begins
9th              FS2 Trip to Butterfly Park
18th            Forest Schools morning & picnic

School Council News

The School Council met on Wednesday to discuss:

· Having a school bank and shop
    · Having a ‘Gratitude’ display
     · Replacing the Team Points quiz

Decisions taken:

· Everyone thought the idea of a school bank and shop was a good one and thought about where best to site it. We now need to look into the logistics of this.
· Lots of ideas about the ‘Gratitude’ display and initial thoughts are that we’ll have a Gratitude posting box in the hall and that notes of gratitude can then be shared in assemblies before being put on a gratitude tree display somewhere in the main walkway.
· The children voted unanimously to not continue with the team quiz. A list of ways to achieve team points was created as an alternative

A further Y3 councillor missed from last week’s list is Jude—well done Jude!

Accelerated Reader Stars
 Well done to all the children presented with (or who retained) their AR badges this week. An AR badge (in their team’s colour) is awarded when they have achieved an 85%+ average over half a term in their AR quizzes. Well done!

A special mention needs to go to Jessica and Lachlan in Y6 who achieved Millionaire status having recorded the reading of 1,000,000 words—fantastic! Jack in FS2 also needs a special mention as our youngest ever pupil to start quizzing with AR!

Good Work Certificates
Most weeks the teachers find it incredibly difficult to choose just one child to give a certificate to and this week has been no different! Here are the names of the children we are celebrating the efforts, attitude and work of this week...



For developing her own idea of making a flute using junk materials.



For excellent use of story language in his writing.


Ryan B

For showing determination and taking ownership of his learning.


Adam & Aimee (3K)

Eloise (3A)

For good tennis skills.

For being very helpful and sensible.



For being an absolute asset to Year 4 - Such a positive attitude to school and such a conscientious worker!








For fantastic engagement in his learning with Mrs Graham and enthusiasm in sharing cultural experiences.

For 'drinking in' the lessons about Fantastic Beasts. A definite author!



For taking ownership of your targets. You are blossoming and making excellent progress. Keep going!


Ryan B (Y2)

For good questioning.

Forest Schools

Ruby (Y1)

For never giving up and always trying her hardest.


Reshan (Y5)

For his great effort and enthusiasm this year.


Whole School

For excellent attention and listening skills when we were visited by the military band.